What You Need to Know About Estate Sales & Online Auctions

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The Process of Conducting an Estate Sale & Online Auctions

Watch this informative interview with Steve Tokita about the start to finish process of an Estate Sale/Auction. From figuring out if it's the right choice for you to wrapping up afterward.

Steve's interview starts at 5:48, but feel free to watch the part before as well.

Video Covers:
- Tips for getting the most out of your Estate Sale
- What can be included in your Sale or Auction
- Do you have to be wealthy to have an Estate Sale?
- How to determine if an Estate Sale is right for you & your situation
- How items are chosen, or not chosen, to be sold
- How are the prices determined?
- Benefits of an Online Auction
- What are hot items currently in Auctions - and what items aren't

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